Welcome to a Skye Instruments’ Mini-Site Skye Instruments has been designing and manufacturing light sensors for plant research, environmental monitoring, climate change studies, etc since 1983. Over 20 years ago, our standard range of visible/NIR was expanded to incorporate a 2-channel bespoke sensor, ie the user could choose the wavelengths and bandwidths between 400 and 950nm.  The bespoke range of sensors has continued to be developed and Skye can now offer 2 and 4-channel sensors for hand-held field work or for fixed installations.  Due to an investment in calibration facilities, we can now offer sensors with wavelengths up to 2300nm. Skye has become a world leader in fixed band bespoke sensors. Our sensors are quoted in many scientific papers.  They are the sensor of choice for accurate measurements within a defined waveband.  A special and unique feature is our ability to match the wavelengths to the Earth orbiting satellites such as MODIS.  We have filters specially made so that we can exactly match the wavelengths covered by the satellites. All sensors are individually calibrated both for radiance and irradiance light and are supplied with individual calibration certificates.  All calibrations are fully traceable to the National Physical Laboratory - the UK.’s national standard.
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Welcome to Our Remote Sensing Mini Site
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