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An order from a customer in India required us to design a special accessory for mounting the sensors and SpectroSense2+ meter for use in the field. Watch the video here
New Design of 4-Channel Multi-spectral Radiometers
We have upgraded our very popular SpectroSense2+ meter & logger to include more vegetation indices.  These are automatically calculated from the raw data being received from the active sensors. Click here for more details
More Vegetation Indices
New Accessory for Field Measurements
İSkye Instruments Ltd 2016
Online Presentations Remote Sensing Overview Remote Sensing Detail Edinburgh School of Geoscience Conference 2013 Absolute Calibration The presentations are saved as a zip file.           Click the link and double click the file name within the zip file. To move onto a new slide click the mouse or press a key on the keyboard
Click here for more details
Skye has been part of the COST Europsec project for 3 years.  November 2013 marked the final meeting of the project and a large event was held in Trento, Italy to present the results of the 3 year project. Full details of the conference can be found here, including the presentations.
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